History Films

This is just a running list of films that I might consider using alongside our history curriculum ANCIENT 10000B CE- 400 CE 300 (not accurate but inpiring) Spartacus (various versions) Jesus of Nazareth Ben-Hur I, CLaudius Gladiator Kingdom of Heaven BBC’s Rome MEDIEVAL 400-1600 Rob Roy The Incredible Army of Brancaleone Terry Jones’ Medieval Lives […]

Our Homeschool Plan 2014-2015

(This list is still in progress!) The subjects I try to make sure the kids get some yearly exposure to include: Math English History Science Health Lifeskills Various other electives (Logic, Philosophy, Music, Art Handicrafts, Nature Study, etc.) Math I have struggled greatly with trying to find a decent high school math program for non-sciency […]

New Blog

We’ve kept blogs many times over the years, but it seemed time to start afresh with an all new approach. We’re busy parenting and creating, so work here will be slow. Tune in over the next few weeks as we get things underway!