Letting Go

Part of my journey as a highly sensitive parent has been disconnecting from the intense feelings I carry for for my children. This may sound like an unhealthy thing, but in actuality it is the healthiest thing I can do for them, and for me. When highly sensitive individuals bond to others, that bond is […]

Seeing In Spite of the Sadness

It’s late today and I’m tired and I feel sad. I feel very, very sad. As I was thinking about heading to bed I realized that I needed to write today and began wondering why I was feeling sad and how I would describe my sad day. But as I began thinking about my day, […]

Stop Blaming Others

I don’t think of myself as someone who blames my woes on others. But recently I’ve been looking at how I communicate both with those around me, and I’m beginning to have doubts about this. I’m not talking about big things, either. Like how we were late for the umpteenth time for Learning Co-op becasue […]

New Directions

Every Tuesday I drive across the city during rush hour. Usually the route is pretty straight forward, but over the last few months there has been a fair amount of construction along the way and with seven or eight people in the car, the tedium of waiting in long lines of traffic after a long […]